Metin Kutusu:

In 2005 RHPS supplied some 250 regulators
for testtrolleys for testing EPU's of F16 Fighter Planes.



F16 Fighter

All control panels were built in a cleanroom environment.


Final result


RHPS supplied nitrogen manifolds and reduction panels to the Royal Schelde Shipyards for 4 Air Defence and Command Frigates (LCF) for the Royal Dutch Navy  and  Starting air regulators of Turkish Navy Projects.

The Air Defence and Command Frigate (LCF) is designed to fulfil defence tasks world-wide and has a displacement of approximately 6050 tons.


Nitrogen System:

The function of the Nitrogen System is to store and to deliver nitrogen for the general avionic support systems.
Nitrogen gas bottles are safely placed, stored in a rack, in the gas bottle store.
The bottles are connected with a nitrogen manifold.

The nitrogen manifold is provided with all necessary accessories required for safe use.

From the nitrogen pressure reducing panel the nitrogen is lead to the helicopter by two hoses, each provided with dedicated quick connectors.

RHPS regulators and valves used in Rocket Technology

The test facility (TF3) can provide high mass flow rates of hydrogen and oxygen in very wide pressure ranges. The hydrogen storage is 240 nm³, oxygen storage is 240 nm³. Supply pressures range from 6 MPa to 24 MPa, and maximum mass flow rates are: for hydrogen 817 nm³/h (0,02 kg/s) and for oxygen 306 nm³/h (0,12 kg/s).

The facility can be used for testing small rocket motors, igniters (amongst others acoustic igniters), combustors and other devices that require hydrogen (or oxygen) such as for developments in hydrogen technology.
An impression of the Third Test Facility is given below

All test facilities have a versatile automatic control system, and data acquisition system that can record events at high frequencies. Standard measurements are measurements of pressure, temperature, and force. Additional measurements (e.g. spectroscopic measurements) are possible. Normal video recording of test runs is standard, high speed cameras are available for special test runs.

The research group has several test facilities all suited for work with hydrogen. There is also a large indoor test stand for testing (large) rocket motors, ramjets, ducted rockets, combustion research or base pressure measurements on scaled-down rockets, launchers or boosters.

Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methane and dry air can be supplied in large volumes. Air, for example, up to 5 kg/s. RHPS built and supplied the complete TF3 gas supply system and supplied many a regulator for the large indoor test stand, including 300 bar 3 inch domeloaded regulators.